Ottawa Citizen (Canada)

September 17 1971

EDITORIAL: Deep gulf and hatred—can Pakistan ever be the same again?

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Today the author discusses various attitudes in Pakistan. Many countries have been split from time to time—the United States during its civil war, Nigeria during its agony. But Pakistanis seem even more deeply divided. A young Punjabi chartered accountant declares: “We have only one problem in East Pakistan—we don’t have enough bullets to kill all of them India-lovers” . A refugee from India, now a high government official, declares: “It’s true we are ruling them as a colony now—and we will. They deserve it, after the brutalities they committed against innocent men, women and children. You wouldn’t believe it. They behaved worse than animals”. An East Pakistani says defiantly: “You can kill Mujib if you like. We are all Mujibs. You cannot kill us all, or rule us forever”." One Bengali domestic servant took a shoe and hurled it at the screen when President Yahya Khan was addressing foreign newspaper men on television. Police were summoned and they took him away, as he kept on repeating: “Our army is being trained in India. We will soon be free”. The gulf and hatred between the Pakistanis seems incredible.

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