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June 30 1971

Pakistan Curbs Army Violence Following Outside Pressure

By Henry S. Hayward

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The Army first cracked down on Dacca then fanned out into the countryside. Much of the rural area now has been pacified but some districts such as the southeast of Comilla and the northwestern region still are troublesome.


Many here accept as fact a claim that the Army burned and looted villages, forcing Hindus out.

The unofficial Army explanation, it is asserted, was that Hindus were troublemakers who supported Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's banned Awami League. Also they were accused of being pro-India and dupes of false Indian propaganda.

Army officers reportedly felt the ejection of Hindus would help cleanse and purify the country. They disregarded the fact that Hindus of East Pakistan have lived peacefully with Muslims over many years.

Not all violence was on the Army's part, however, it is conceded. Such non-Bengali Muslims as Biharis also attacked and massacred Bengalis. Biharis don't like Hindus.


Nor were Bengalis themselves completely innocent of communal strife and atrocities. In Chittagong and Mymensingh they literally slaughtered Biharis after March 25.

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