Christian Science Monitor

June 30 1971

Pakistan Curbs Army Violence Following Outside Pressure

By Henry S. Hayward

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Among pressures being exerted on President Yahya Khan by outside powers are possible withholding of foreign aid and the reduction of financial support.

Existence of these threats was indirectly confirmed by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan People's Party. on June 23 Mr. Bhutto condemned what he called the "aid to Pakistan" consortium for exerting such pressures on Pakistan He termed it dangerous, disturbing, and "very insulting" to the nation. But he also pointed out that unless representative government were restored to the country, such "external pressures" were likely to increase.


The conviction is widespread among the foreign community here that the huge exodus of East Pakistan refugees to India stemmed not from panic and false propaganda, as military spokesmen claim. Rather it stemmed from substantial evidence that Pakistan Army soldiers were shooting Hindus as an expression of their fury at the outcome of elections last December and evidence of taunting by students and independence advocates during the subsequent three months.

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