Christian Science Monitor

June 30 1971

Pakistan Curbs Army Violence Following Outside Pressure

By Henry S. Hayward

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DACCA, PAKISTAN. - Pakistan's Government has been under pressure from foreign powers to curb a campaign of violence by its Army in this eastern wing of the country.

It also has been under pressure to terminate martial law and restore civilian government.

There is evidence the central government in Islamabad is at last responding to both pressures.


Deliberate violence on the part of West Pakistani military units against selected East Pakistani civilians has subsided during recent weeks. This has been verified by many well-documented reports from missionaries and foreign officials with firsthand knowledge of conditions in both cities and rural areas.

Military-government spokesmen flatly deny there ever was such activity, saying there was no general order approving or recommending violence. But there was no known restraining order either.

Dacca residents, whenever they are certain they cannot be overheard by police or informants will quickly tell visitors that atrocities still are continuing in outlying villages today. They usually claim to have been there for their own safety recently - or to have family there.

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