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June 29 1971

Pakistan reported attacking Hindus

By Arnold Zeitlin

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Boliadi residents said soldiers and men in the uniform of frontier constabulary with the North-west Frontier in West Pakistan attacked the Hindu. section of the village early yesterday morning. They said the attack, in an area which is in the Dacca district about 30 miles of an hour’s drive by car from the capital Dacca, started on Friday.

The correspondent saw a Hindu woman with a vermilion spot on her brow cradling a man said to be her husband who was shot in the neck. Another sari-clad woman moaned over the body of her husband sprawled nearby. Across a small creek in a tiny corrugated iron house lay the body of a white-haired man with a bullet wound in his back. Residents said at least five or six other corpses were in the village.

Asked if he had found any "miscreants"—the usual name £or Awami League dissidents by government forces, Maj. Omar said his men were only on "routine patrol." He refused to give other details.

He led about two dozen men in regular army uniforms carrying automatic rifles and ammunition boxes. Two men carried transistor portable radios and others carried goods wrapped in the cloth used for lungis, the skirtlike garment which is the traditional dress for farmers among Bengalis in East Pakistan.

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