Daily Telegraph (London)

June 29 1971

Death And Hatred In Chittagong

By Our Staff Correspondent in Chittagong

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Chittagong: The army has restored order in Chittagong, the vital port of East Pakistan. After a series of atrocities committed by both Bengalis and Bihari Moslems, the martial law authorities destroyed scores of villages by fire, artillery and bulldozers.

The sullen hatred, fear and mistrust between the West Pakistan authorities and the local Bengali population remains open and intense.

Indeed the army here admits over one third of the working population is still hiding in the countryside, there is little traffic in the streets and many shops are shut. Although the night curfew has been relaxed there is firing throughout the night.

A Colonel explained this by saying: “Our fire power is greater than theirs. When we discover any resistance we destroy the house and the surrounding area to demonstrate to the local population what will happen to them if they harbour Bangla Desh guerrillas.”

The army hope that the vital bridge at Feni, 65 miles to the north-west will be repaired by 5th July, thus enabling distribution of goods from the clogged harbour to begin. Foreign experts are sceptical for there is a great deal of work still to be done on this rail crossing, which was skilfully destroyed, either by Bangla Desh guerrillas or Indian Army sappers.

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