Daily Telegraph (London)

June 29 1971

Reign of terror still by army in East Bengal says MP

By Clare Hollingworth

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The British Parliamentary Delegation to East Bengal led by Mr. Arthur Bottomley, Labour MP for Middlesbrough East left Dacca for Calcutta yesterday in a frustrated and gloomy mood.

He had spent some hours in a vain attempt to visit Boliadi, a village 15 miles north of Dacca, which was destroyed at dawn on Sunday morning by the West Pakistan Army.

For reasons not yet explained six villages have recently been razed to the ground in this area, to the north of the small industrial town of Tongi, and firing can still be heard there.

Mr. Toby Jessel, Conservative MP for Twickenham, com-menting to the British Press, said: “The reign of terror which has been imposed here is not conducive to the restoration of ‘the economic life of the country”.

Drawing on his experiences with the fact-finding mission during the past four days Mr. Jessel said the disappearance of local people and the sacking of village add to the great fear Bengalis already have of the Pakistani Army.

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