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June 30 1971

Helping Pakistan

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Precisely what American policy ought to be is indeed difficult to say, but formulation of a policy will hardly be made easier by a re-fusal to see what the elements of the situation actually are.

Yahya Khan's Formula For Pakistan

By John E. Woodruff

HONG KONG.--President A. M. Yahya Khan's announcement of new plans for governing troubled Pakistan constitutes a final repudiation of the majority rule he said was his goal when he seized power two years ago.

Instead, he has chosen to make indefinite the 12-year- old rule of both wings by the West Pakistan-dominated army. The main new element will be an attempt to give the army some civilian camouflage and thus hand the country's free-world money donors an excuse to back away from the de facto aid suspension they adopted in Paris last week, with the United States aside. But even without foreign aid, he warned, the army intends b work its will.

His decision seems certain to set up an intense behind- the-scenes debate among member Countries of the Pakistan-aid group during the four months he says it will take to put his plan into effect.

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