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June 30 1971

Helping Pakistan

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It is a dubious case, as the spokesman himself admits it to be when he acknowl-edges that any leverage is not yet measurable, that few refugees have returned home and that Pakistan has for some time been getting military supplies from China--since 1966 anyway, he might have added.

As to a Yahya accommodation with East Pakistan, a dispatch by John E. Woodruff printed on this page today analyzes sharply the sort of accommodation the Pakistani president seems to have in mind. As to the refugees' return, a slight lifting of the veil in East Pakistan in recent days discloses there an iron reign of intimidation and of continued killing, with the victims more likely to be Hindu than not: and the great majority of the refugees were, before they fled, members of the Hindu minority in East Pakistan.

As to whether or not what happens in Pakistan is internal, to see it so may be theoretically proper, but in fact the refugees and the circumstances that caused them to be-come refugees have made it a matter of international concern, threatening the stability and the peace of all South Asia.

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