Baltimore Sun

June 30 1971

Helping Pakistan

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Most other members of the Aid to Pakistan Consortium are in favor of withholding further assistance until a political solution is found to that country's convulsion of terror and turmoil. Not so the United States. A spokesman for the State Department says that by providing economic aid the United States would be able to exert leverage on President Yahya Khan for a "political accommodation" with East Pakistan on the basis of autonomy, thus promoting conditions under which millions of refugees who have fled to India might return.

The spokesman declares further that continued shipments of American "nonlethal" military equipment, under licenses previously granted, is proper. Not to permit shipment of this licensed stuff, he says, and not to continue economic assistance, in a situation of "civil strife," would be seen "as sanctions and intrusion" in the internal problems of another nation. He says still further that if the United States didn't send along the military materiel, Yahya Khan might turn to other sources, such as Communist China.

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