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August 01 1971

India and Bangladesh: Testimony from the Foreign and Indian Press

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India and Pakistan are members of the United Nations. They are both signatories to the UN charter which forbids the member states from interfering in one another's internal affairs. Yet, over the years, India has used every conceivable strategem, tactic, pretext and ruse to foster internal subversion, to weaken Pakistan's national integrity and solidarity and to smear its good name in the outside world. India's latest act of pathological hostility towards Pakistan is the encouragement and help it has given to the secessionist movement in East Pakistan and the foster care, military training and arms it is furnishing to the secessionist elements which have been sheltered in the sanctuary of India's West Bengal state.

The rationale for India's moral, monetary and military support to the secessionist fugitives from East Pakistan has been aptly projected by the Wall Street Journal's Correspondent, Peter R. Kann, in a despatch from Calcutta published in that newspaper May 12, 1971:

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