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August 01 1971

India and Bangladesh: Testimony from the Foreign and Indian Press

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for their version of events. Date uncertain

Pakistan-American Friends Association 47 West 29th Street New York, N.Y. 10001

President Yahya Khan of Pakistan, in a broadcast to the nation on June 28, 1971, spoke of India's interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan in these words:

"Our plans for reconstruction of the economy and early resumption of political activity in East Pakistan are threatened by India's continued interference in our internal affairs. Armed infiltration and open encouragement and assistance to the secessionists have heightened tensions between the two countries. There has also been a spate of unfriendly statements from responsible sources in India, threatening unilateral action against Pakistan if we did not yield to arbitrary demands. The need of the hour is to desist from such actions and statements as would further inflame the situation. It is through discussions and not through conflict that problems can be resolved. Statesmanship demands the exercise of caution and restraint so that our problems are not further complicated. As I have said before armed conflict would solve nothing. On our part, we want to live in peace and harmony with all our neighbors. We do not interfere in the affairs of other people and we will not allow anyone else to interfere in ours. If, however, a situation is forced upon us, we are fully prepared to defend our territorial integrity and sovereignty. Let there be no misunderstanding or miscalculation about our resolve to maintain the independence of solidarity of Pakistan."

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