Congressional Record

July 01 1971

Congression Record - 92nd Congress

By United States Congress

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The shipments of military equipment now going forward are in the Department of Defense pipeline, due to the fact that ownership passed to the Government of Pakistan prior to the time the ban was announced. The only way now to plug up that pipeline is for the United States to issue a formal embargo and I regard that step as crucial. Mr. Speaker, I have learned that the Government of Canada has stopped military shipments to Pakistan which in some cases, resulted from licenses and approvals granted as long ago as 5 years. Surely, given the extraordinary nature of the crisis and the damaging effect a continuation has on our credibility, our Government can find an adequate response.

Any kind of aid to that government will be misused and, in my judgment, will be diverted to crush the people who won the election in East Pakistan. We must never forget that the Awami League won 167 of the 169 seats contested in East Pakistan and this gave them a clear majority in the constituent assembly. It is obvious that the leaders of the Awami League felt that they could trust the word of the Government, or else they would have established "Bangla Desh" as soon as their electoral victory was confirmed. It is a fact that they did not and so, in spite of many misleading statements, they must not be regarded as rebels or secessionists. They are people who made democracy work and they are now under what might be called an internal siege; that is, the Army is in control. To put it another way, it might be said that the people of East Pakistan are the victims of outside aggression, in the sense that West Pakistan is separated from East Pakistan by 1,000 miles.

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