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July 01 1971

Congression Record - 92nd Congress

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Gallagher Calls For Embargo on Arms Shipments To Pakistan

Ban on Military Supplies to Pakistan - Morse

House of Representatives

Gallagher Calls For Embargo on Arms Shipments To Pakistan

(Mr. GALLAGHER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute, to revise and extend his remarks. )

Mr. GALLAGHER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to discuss briefly the situation in East Pakistan and the American response to a situation which our arms and military equipment helped to create. The current policy, which has allowed arms to continue to be shipped from the United States to the Government of Pakistan, in spite of the ban of March 25, is bureaucratic ineptitude which will become, in my judgment, diplomatic catastrophe.

On June 15 I introduced H.R. 9160 which will cut off all military, economic and relief assistance to the Government of Pakistan until outside observers report a cessation of army action against the population of East Pakistan and that the refugees, as far as feasible, have been allowed to return to their homeland and reclaim their property. I visited the refugee camps early in June and found the situation to be one of unimaginable horror. Although many of the world community regard the crisis as an internal matter of Pakistan it appears obvious to me that any policy which creates 6 million refugees completely destroys the queasy legalism of "an internal matter." In addition, it is bad enough that our arms contributed to the brutal actions of the army's repressive sweep through East Pakistan on and after March 25; it is impermissible for us to continue to subsidize the slaughter by not completely stopping our arms shipments.

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