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July 01 1971

Bangladesh Newsletter, No. 4

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Mr. Gallagher was addressing members of the Calcutta P ress Club immediately after his return from a tour of some refugee camps in the border areas.

Congressman Gallagher said "When I came here I came with an open mind. But after meeting some of the evacuees, I am now convinced that terrorism, barbarities and genocide of no small magnitude have been committed in East Bengal."

Reports of the Pakistani army's atrocities in East Bengal are not all exaggerrated, " he added .

He said:

"From what I have heard from a cross section of the evacuees, I came to the conclusion that the people have been terrorized in East Bengal. Two things have become clear to me - firstly, there was a deliberote atternpt to destroy and wipe out the intellectoals such as doctors, students, professors and writers; secondly, communal feelings have been aroused to squeeze out the Hindu population."

Referring to an unending stream of evacuees, Mr Gallagher said that 5 million people had so far come away to India from East Bengal. Each Congressional district in the United States consisted of 500, 000 people and if the exodus of such magnitude started coming to his constituency (New Jersey), it would create innumerable problems as experienced now by India, he said

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