Washington Post

July 01 1971

Canada Blocks Shipment Of Weapons For Pakistan


The Canadian government stopped a shipment of spare aircraft parts to Pakistan and said that no Canadian arms were to be loaded aboard the Padma, which arrived in Montreal Tuesday from New York.

Customs officials said that the order blocked the loading of 46 crates of parts for F-86 Sabre Jets; an official of the firm shipping the parts said that the contracts went back as far as five years.

In Calcutta, a British doctor said that a fresh outbreak of cholera had struck the West Bengal district of Bangaon, 60 miles northwest of Calcutta, with 500 new cases being reported in one day alone. Although medical authorities said cholera appeared to have been contained elsewhere, the physician who headed an inoculation team in the area earlier this week, said that "The number of cholera victims is doubling every days in Bangaon.

The London office of The New York Times announced yesterday that the paper's correspondent Sydney Schanberg had been expelled from East Pakistan after being given 12 hours' notice. He had been in East Pakistan for nine days.


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