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July 01 1971

Kissinger on Mission to Vietnam, Pakistan

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There was widespread speculation, nevertheless, that the President wanted to explore possible new moves in the Vietnam war. Official sources, however, maintained that the trip was one more attempt to bring information up to date on Vietnamization, Hanoi's military intentions, the economy and prospects for the presidential election Oct. 3.

Kissinger is expected to confer with President Nguyen Van Thieu, but officials here discouraged speculation he may also meet with Communist officials at the Paris peace talks.

The stops in India and Pakistan will enable Kissinger to obtain the latest information on the Pakistan refugee problem and to express the President's hope for a peaceful solution to the problem.

Ziegler said that en route to California Tuesday Mr. Nixon would stop in Kansas City to brief Midwestern editors and publishers on his domestic legislative proposals.

Among officials who will confer with the President in San Clemente will be, in addition to Rogers and Kissinger, Secretary of the Treasury John B. Connally and George P. Schultz, director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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