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July 01 1971

Kissinger on Mission to Vietnam, Pakistan

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President Nixon is sending Henry A. Kissinger, assistant for national security affairs to Vietnam and other countries for a first hand foreign policy report, the White House announced yesterday.

Kissinger is scheduled to leave today for two or three days in Saigon. He will then visit Thailand, India and Pakistan, completing his trip with a stop in Paris to consult Ambassador David K. E. Bruce, chief U.S. delegate to the Vietnam peace talks.

Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler said that Kissinger would return to the United States about July 10 and report to the President and Secretary Of State William P. Rogers at San Clemente, Calif..

The President will go to California Tuesday and stay about two weeks, Ziegler said. While there he will work primarily on budget planning, but Rogers will be there part of the time for a foreign policy review, Ziegler said.

Ziegler said plans for Kissinger's trip had been under discussion "for some weeks." He insisted that no major change in policy was indicated by the visit and that no untoward developments at home or abroad prompted it .

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