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June 30 1971

More U.S. Weapons Will Go to Pakistan

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They said she reacted strongly to a suggestion from Y. S. Mahajan that West Pakistani forces "should be thrown out by military methods" from East Pakistan to enable "democracy to be restored and a popular government under Sheik Mujibur Rahman to be formed."

Mrs. Gandhi replied that the situation in East Pakistan is "a problem for the 75 million people of the area to decide themselves."

She said President Agha Mohammed Yahya Khan's speech Monday night which ruled out any political compromise with Sheik Mujibur "vindicated India's stand that the military rulers in Pakistan are isolated from the people and have failed to respond to their democratic and secular urges."

She added that the speech "betrayed the failure of the military regime to install a puppet government" in East Pakistan.

Government sources said India's policy toward the crisis in East Pakistan would probably "stiffen" because of Yahya's speech, which was considered unconciliatory toward the East Pakistanis and hostile toward India. Rebel East Pakistani leaders condemned Yahya Khan's announced plan to return civilian rule to Pakistan. "Yahya's speech once again confirmed the fact that democracy is dead in Pakistan," a rebel Bengali said in Calcutta.

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