Washington Post

June 29 1971

Kennedy, U.S. Aide Clash On Pakistan

By Lewis M. Simons

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Van Hollen said the "other areas" to which Yahya could turn included Western Europe and Communist China. China, he said, has never ceased supplying Pakistan with arms.

When fighting between East Pakistani dissidents and government forces broke out last March, Van Hollen said, the United States "began a close review" of its policies and "made certain adjustments and took certain steps."

This "interim action" included placing a "hold" on sales of military equipment under Defense Department control and a freeze on issuing new licenses to ship arms to Pakistan as well as renewing expired permits.

Kennedy termed government explanations to date "highly misleading" and said he was planning to submit legislation to halt all weapons shipments to Pakistan "at the earliest possible moment."

Van Pollen conceded that official statements had caused "some confusion," but he denied that there was any attempt to "mislead" the public.

[In a report from New Delhi, Reuter quoted Indian Foreign Minister Swaran Singh as saying U.S. government spokesmen were contradicting themselves over the sale of arms to Pakistan. "The more I have looked into it deeply, the greater is the concern," he said.]

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