Washington Daily News

June 30 1971

Helping to Kill More Bengalis


Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., has called all this "doubletalk, incompetence, or both" and he's right. Our partners in the international effort to prevent the Pakistani economy from collaps-ing are not as timid as the United States. The World Bank, Britain, Canada, Belgium and others favor withholding economic aid until the military regime reaches a political settlement with East Pakistan.

But not the United States

Pakistan is, of course, desperately poor and can use all the help it can get. But the trouble with aid now is that it props up the government and helps it maintain the army of occupation in East Pakistan.

The Bengalis in the east voted overwhelm-ingly for home rule in the only free election in Pakistan's history. Instead they got the genocidal assault by the western army, which is still shamefully going on.

History suggests, however, that West Pakistan from 1,000 miles away cannot forever subjugate the Bengali people. What we are doing by sending arms to Pakistan is to make sure the Bengalis Will remember American weapons murdered them during the birth pangs of their beloved Bangla Desh (Bengali nation).


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