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June 30 1971

Helping to Kill More Bengalis

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The Administration's decision to send more economic and military aid to the brutal, repressive regime in Pakistan is as shortsighted as it is inhumane.

In testimony before Congress, the State Department admitted its fear that shutting off the flow of arms to Pakistan would be resented "as sanctions and intrusion." What, we ask, is so bad about sanctions against mass murder and genocide? For that is exactly what the West Pakistan-dominated army committed against the helpless Bengalis of East Pakistan.

In Its treacherous attack starting March 25, the Pakistani army slaughtered 200,000 Bengalis and sent six million refugees fleeing for their lives into India. It is morally unjustified to send more weapons to such a regime.

With its talent for Justifying the unjustifiable, the State Department explains that halting economic aid would remove our "leverage" with Pakistan--although we have almost no leverage now.

Also, stopping our arms shipments would cause Pakistan to turn to other suppliers, like communist China. However, the department admits that China has never stopped furnishing weapons to Pakistan.

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