New York Times

June 30 1971

East Pakistani Economy Badly Hurt as Most Transport Is Crippled

By Sydney H. Schanberg

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Food stocks in the northwest have been either destroyed, looted or taken out of the country, the foreign sources said. The situation has not reached the starvation level, they added, but people do not have enough to eat and the real problem will arise in two or three months. "Right now," all economist said, "there are more likely a lot of hungry people than a lot of dead people."

The experts said that East Pakistan as a whole had a two-month supply of food grain and that the problem was distributing it to the deficit areas.

The railroad from Chittagong, East Pakistan's major port, to Dacca is still cut and guerrilla activity in the area is reported to be fairly persistent. The line normally carries 70 percent of the food grains imported by East Pakistan. Major road bridges have also been blown.

The region's usual rice deficit is about two million tons a year; this year it will probably be around three million.


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