New York Times

June 30 1971

Editorial: Why Aid Pakistan

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After months of equivocation and evasion, the State Department has finally made it clear that the Administration intends to keep on furnishing military and economic assistance to the Government of Pakistan despite continuing acts of repression in East Pakistan that have shocked the world. This incredible policy decision defies understanding.

The admission that aid is continuing as before undermines the credibility of the United States Government at home and abroad. The public, members of Congress and at least one vitally interested foreign government (India) had been led to believe--although always in evasive language-- that all military assistance and any new development assistance for Pakistan would be held in abeyance until there was progress toward a political resolution of the crisis in East Pakistan. The exposure of this deception is likely to be particularly damaging to United States relations with India, whose foreign minister left Washington a few days ago with what he believed were firm assurances concerning American policy toward Pakistan that have now been thoroughly discredited.

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