New York Times

June 29 1971

U.S. Says It Will Continue Aid To Pakistan Despite Cutoff Urged By Other Nations

By Tad Szulc

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WASHINGTON, June 28.-The Nixon Administration reaffirmed today that it intended to provide economic aid to Pakistan despite international pressures to halt foreign assistance until the central Government reached a political accommodation with East Pakistan.

Most of the 11 nations forming the Aid to Pakistan Consortium have concluded that assistance, running at about $500-million a year, should be withheld pending a political settlement of the crisis that has resulted in the death of an estimated 200,000 East Pakistanis and the flight to India of about six million refugees.

The World Bank, which coordinates assistance to Pakistan. has recommended against further aid. Britain, Canada and Belgium, among other members of the consortium, have taken a similar stance.

Their positions emerged at an informal meeting of the consortium held in Paris last Monday to receive the report of a World Bank mission that toured Pakistan. Robert S. McNamara, the president of the bank, was reported to have approved this policy last Thursday .

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