New York Times

May 23 1971

India Seeks Halt In Refugee Flow

Opens Campaigns for World Pressure on Pakistan

By Sydney H. Schanberg

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Another apparent reason for the tough stance is to satisfy the wide public sympathy in India for the Bengali independence struggle and to relieve some of the resultant pressure on the Government to grant recognition to the recently proclaimed government of Bangla Desh, or Bengal nation, the Bengali name the insurgents have given to East Pakistan.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has said she feels recognition at this time would be a mistake because it would lend credence to Pakistan's charge that the independence movement was engineered by India in order to dismember Pakistan. The pressure for recognition will be renewed by opposition parties when the next session of Parliament opens on Monday, and Mrs. Gandhi will now enter the session with fresh ammunition.

The Indian diplomatic offensive, which began this week, was preceded by a protest note to Pakistan, which said that the military action in East Pakistan "has created a human problem of unparalleled magnitude which is capable of producing serious repercussions in the area leading to a threat to peace in the region." In a speech last Tuesday, Mrs. Gandhi said, "If a situation was forced upon us, then we are fully prepared to fight."

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