Library of Congress - Kissinger Papers

May 23 1971

Transcript of Telephone Conversation Between President Nixon and His Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)

Foreign Relations of the United States
Volume X1
South Asia Crisis, 1971

By Nixon & Kissinger


P: And also they have got to know that if [sic] what is in jeopardy here is economic aid. That is what is in jeopardy.

K: And there is absolutely no justification for it—they don’t have a right to invade Pakistan no matter what Pakistan does in its territory. Besides the killing has stopped.

P: It has quieted down.

K: Oh yes. It may not be a tenable situation in the long term, but again that is not for India to decide.

[Omitted here is the remainder of the discussion, which is unrelated to South Asia.]


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