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June 30 1971


By Associated Press

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BADURIA, INDIA (AP).—The procession to Baduria's cremation landing with the bodies of refugees from East Pakistan is endless.

Until mid-June, cholera was the main killer among the poorly dressed, shelterless refugees in this jute center 45 miles from Calcutta and in hundreds of other refugee camps along the East Pakistan frontier.

Now bronchial pneumonia. fever, chicken pox and measles, all aggravated by the monsoon rains that began last weekend. are taking their toll.


Relief officials in Calcutta fear the death toll may rise sharply in the next few weeks when the monsoons intensify.

The officials say that thanks to medicines rushed to India from around the world, they were able to quell last month's cholera epidemic, which took more than 5,000 lives.

But they still desperately need foreign help for tents, tarpaulins and waterproofing material to provide shelter for an estimated 2 million refugees living in the open.

Although about 7,000 miles of 6-foot-wide shelter material is needed immediately, according to government estimates, only about 200 miles of material has been obtained from foreign and local sources so far.

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