Washington Post

October 17 1971

Pakistani Plight "Desperate"

By Anthony Astrachan

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The Indians have apparently armed and trained the guerrillas. The guerrillas have severed the main rail line in East Pakistan. Every week they blow up roads and bridges. Frogmen have damaged foreign ships in East Pakistan harbors and craft that ply the province's waterways.

This prevents relief supplies from reaching needy Pakistanis. The guerrillas have not attacked U.N. personnel or facilities. but appear determined that relief activities should not appear to support the Pakistan government, according to U.N. officials on the scene. Since food is often distributed through schools. this may soon make local food and education authorities prime targets.

U.N. reports emphasize the cooperation of the Pakistan government in relief programs. Yet when the U.N. East Pakistan Relief Operation ( UNEPRO) Wanted to bring portable radios in to make it possible to communicate with field agents and keep track of relief supplies, both civil and refused permission. They expressed fear that the mukhti bahini would capture the radios.

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