Pakistan Affairs, Special Issue

June 30 1971

Full Text of President Yahya Khan's Address to the Nation on June 28, 1971

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When I questioned Mujibur Rahman on the Awami League's six points during some of our talks he confirmed to me that these were negotiable. He also clearly indicated that all major provisions of the constitution would be settled by political parties in parleys outside the Assembly. This lobbying he affirmed was usual practice with politicians. After elections when I wanted the parties to get together and come to some consensus on the future constitution of Pakistan it became quite clear that Mujibur Rahman was not going to budge from his position which to put it bluntly was tantamount to secession. Another indication of his evil design is the fact that he refused to visit West Pakistan and have talks in this wing despite repeated invitations. He had no intention Of acting in a responsible and patriotic manner as leader of the majority party in the country as a whole. He had already made up his mind that he was going to break the country in two preferably by trickery and if this did not succeed by physical violence. As I told you in my address of the Seth of March I had a series of meetings with Mujibur Rahman and his advisers during my stay in Dacca from the 15th of March onwards. Whilst he was having these talks with us he and his followers were secretly preparing for a final break through physical violence. Towards the concluding sessions of the talks it became quite evident that the intention of Mujibur Rahman and his advisers was not to come to an understanding on the basis of one Pakistan but was somehow to extract from me a proclamation which would in effect divide the National Assembly into two separate constituent assemblies give birth to a confederation and by removal of the authority of martial law create complete chaos in the country. Through this plan he expected to establish a separate state of Bangla Desh. That needless to say would have been the end of Pakistan as created by the Father of the Nation. Unscrupulous and secessionist elements of the defunct Awami League had brought the country to the brink of disintegration. Our dear homeland which symbolises fulfillment of our aspirations and the culmination of the relentless struggle of the Muslims of the subcontinent was in very grave danger of breaking up. The violent noncooperation movement of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his clique for over three weeks had let loose elements which at once indulged in widespread loot arson and killing.

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