Pakistan Affairs, Special Issue

June 30 1971

Full Text of President Yahya Khan's Address to the Nation on June 28, 1971

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Recent happenings in East Pakistan have caused anguish to all of us. For me personally these tragic events have been a cause of distress and disappointment. Throughout these last two and a quarter years my aim has been to bring back democracy in the country and to ensure justice for every region of Pakistan. In particular I have been conscious of the legitimate demands of East Pakistanis. Many steps have been taken and planned towards meeting them. I have every reason to believe that my scheme to revive the democratic way of life was fully supported by the people and their political leaders in both wings of the country. They all took part in the elections on the basis of the Legal Framework Order of 1970 which provided for maximum autonomy to the provinces within the concept of one Pakistan and adequate strength to the centre to carry out its functions.

The defunct Awami League also participated in the elections on the basis of the Legal Framework Order and therefore at that time it was felt that they too subscribed to the concept of one Pakistan. However later their leadership gradually moved away from the principles of the Legal Framework Order and based their electioneering on hatred of West Pakistan and tried to cause tension and misunderstanding between the two wings.

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