Far Eastern Economic Review

July 31 1971

India And China: The Thorny Olive Branch

By Trilok Karki Hussain

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Internal, regional and world events have caused India to

review its policies toward re-emerging China. But imbedded

complications are complex and now the question is: will

India seize the initiative?

New Delhi

THE developments in Bangla Desh and the consequent worsening of Indo-Pakistan relations have once more highlighted the unavoidable side-issue of Sino-Indian differences. As the situation stands, it appears India and China are poised along two extreme lines of thinking.

Stopping short of recognising Bangla Desh as a sovereign independent state, India has extended support to the people of Bangla Desh and given asylum to the destitute millions fleeing East Bengal out of sheer desperation and terror. China on the other hand has endorsed Pakistan's assertion that the situation in its eastern province is its own affair and that it has been aggravated by India's interference. Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-lai has assured President Yahya Khan that "should the Indian expansionists dare to launch aggression against Pakistan, the Chinese government and people will as always firmly support the Pakistan government. . ."

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