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October 17 1971


Soviet-Indian Pact Seen on Agenda With Mrs. Gandhi

By Reuters

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is 5th Visit

On the East Pakistani issue, Yugoslavia has supported India's demand for a political solution to the secessionist demands by the Bengalis.

The President, accompanied by his wife, is on his fifth visit to India since 1954. He has not met Mrs. Gandhi since the conference of nonaligned nations in Lusaka, Zambia, last year.

Mr. Tito traveled from Iran, where he had attended ceremonies commemorating the 2,500 anniversary of the Persian Empire.

The Indian Defense Ministry spokesman's comments on Pakistani troop buildā€ups came after all major New Delhi news papers reported today that Pakistani troops, supported by heavy equipment, were massing along the frontier areas.

Mrs. Gandhi discussed the latest situation with colleagues of the Political Affairs Committee, the inner Cabinet, after a full Cabinet session.

Press reports of Pakistani war preparations have been given steadily greater prominence recently, but Foreign Ministry officials say they are puzzled by the Pakistani moves.

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