New York Times

October 17 1971


Soviet-Indian Pact Seen on Agenda With Mrs. Gandhi

By Reuters

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NEW DELHI, Oct. 16 (Reuters)—President Tito of Yugoslavia arrived here today for an official visit of several days, during which he will discuss international problems with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Indian‐Soviet treaty signed In August.

The Indian Defense Ministry said today that Pakistan was building up her forces in the border areas in East and West Pakistan but that India had taken adequate steps to counter any Pakistani plans to at tack.

The treaty of peace, friend ship and cooperation signed with the Soviet Union is expected to be a major subject of discussion during the visit. Mrs. Gandhi and Mr. Tito are regarded as advocates of non alignment.

Yugoslav sources said that the treaty had marked a new step for a nonaligned nation but added that their Government had accepted Indian statements that it would not affect New Delhi's policies. The Yugoslavs made it clear, however, that Yugoslavia had no intention of signing a similar pact.

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