New York Times

August 01 1971

Editorial: Himalayan Confrontation?


Under persistent prodding of members of Congress, the Administration appears to be altering its position somewhat. There have been vague assurances that no new arms or economic aid will be granted to Islamabad for the present. The planned dispatch of an American police adviser to Dacca has reportedly been canceled. But American arms continue to flow to Yahya's troops under old licensing agreements and the exact Washington position on other aid is by no means clear.

It is time all American aid to the Yahya regime, excepting relief assistance, was unequivocally stopped. The reported American‐backed plan to station United Nations observers in East Pakistan could help ease the plight the Bengalis but it falls far short of the political accommodation that is needed to head off an explosion on the Indian subcontinent that could precipitate an American Chinese‐Soviet confrontation in the Himalayas.


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