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August 01 1971


U.S. Wins Acceptance by Thant and Yahya on Plan for 153-Man Relief Unit

East Pakistan to Get U.N. Aides Under a Plan Sponsored by U.S.

By Benjamin Welles

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On May 24, President Yahya asked the United Nations for recommendations. His formal approved to the plan is expected momentarily.

World Bank and other sources said today that recruiting for the new group has been under way for several weeks. According to these sources, the first contingent will comprise 38 members of a headquarters staff to be sent to Dacca.

A second contingent will comprise 45 members of specialized agencies. UNICEF, the United Nations, Children's Fund, for example, will send 18; the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2; the World Food Program will send 13 and the World Health Organization 12.

The third contingent — the radio‐equipped monitors — will be made up of what are being called the United Nations “field personnel.”

Ismet Kiltani, an Iraqi national who is Assistant Secretary General for Inter‐Agency Affairs, is Mr. Thant's deputy in charge of recruiting and dis patching the new force from United Nations headquarters in New York. Baghat el‐Tawil, an Egyptian who is Mr. Thant's personal representative in Dacca, will direct the operations in East Pakistan.

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