New York Times

July 01 1971

East Pakistanis Picket Here Against Shipment of Arms


A group of 12 East Pakistanis and sympathizers picketed Pier 36 on the East River yesterday, carrying signs that said “The Shipment of Arms Must Be Stopped.”

The Pakistan, Lines ship Kaptai berthed at the pier Tuesday and is scheduled to make a number of other Atlantic and Gulf Coast stops before sailing to Karachi in West Pakistan.

Edward Halloran, president of the line's agents here, con tended the ship had loaded “no arms, no military cargo.” But State Department officials said earlier this week that it would “presumably” be carrying military equipment of some kind.

The Nixon Administration stopped granting military export licenses to Pakistan on March 25, after the Pakistani Army moved to crush the autonomy movement in East Pakistan, but has not revoked permits issued before that date.


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