New York Times

June 29 1971

Yahya Promises a Legislature Soon

By Malcolm W. Browne

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RAWALPINDI, Pakistan, June 28—President Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan of Pakistan told his people today that they could expect to have a popularly elected legislature in about four months.

In a speech to the nation, President Yahya Khan said that he considered the results of the elections held last Dec. 7 for a National Assembly and for local provincial assemblies still valid.

But the President said that although Pakistan would move toward democracy as rapidly as possible, martial law would remain in effect for some time to keep the country from chaos.

General Yahya Khan said that national and provincial governments would be formed when the assemblies were convened, but he did not say what farm such governments would take.

A Watchdog Role

The speech indicated that any new Government would he subject to certain guidelines, with the armed forces maintaining a watchdog role.

General Yahya Khan said that there had been indications that major aid‐giving nations were seeking to press Pakistan into a quick political settlement of her problems. He said that Pakistan wholly rejected such pressure and would do without foreign aid if necessary.

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